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THE YUB - Streetwear Fashion Shopping

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THE YUB is your brand new shopping place to dress different for less.

With a personalized product feed, you can discover millions of fun, unique and trendy products from our designers and buyers.

Key facts about THE YUB:

1. You won’t see our stuff in the mall. You just won’t.

2. It doesn’t cost you an arm or leg to dress fun. The average product price is $20.

3. Everything is unique. If it’s not, we will take it down.

4. More than 10k+ new products and deals are added everyday!

5. FREE worldwide shipping to over 260 countries.

Now, with more than 2 million users around the world, THE YUB is the most popular APP for streetwear fashion lovers.

Our users love THE YUB:

“Everything on here is Fire. Love almost everything on this app! I'll take one of everything please!”

- by Tiaa

“I will never shop the same way again...the best app EVER!!!”

- by Michelle_

“Totally bomb. Loved this app. Way better than Wish and it's super user friendly.”

- by kayinspiration

“Omg I love this app. Super cute clothes for not a lot of money. I just love this app so much!!!”

- by I_love_my_crush11

“I may just have found love”

- by Suga's baby

Key Features:

- Stupid comment bullets flying across product pictures.

- Vote for your favorite design so that we will product it.

- Share and submit your favorite products

- Follow your favorite stores, people and themes

- Save or buy your favorite products

- Discover amazing deals


We DO NOT look like sites such as: