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Zappos: Shop shoes & clothes. Fast & free shipping always.

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Our shopping app does its darndest to deliver that WOW service our customers have come to know and love, like free shipping and returns with no purchase minimum, a 365 day return policy and 24/7 customer support. You’ll find the number, live chat, and our support email inside.

Also, just because we love you for trying out our mobile app, all your orders that are placed through the app will be eligible for FREE Next Business Day shipping! WOW! Yep. That's how we do it here at Zappos.

Make sure to check out our complete Shipping Policy and Terms & Conditions for all the deets and special exceptions ... like you live in Zimbabwe. We know. We are sorry that we don't ship there too!

We’ve matured a lot in the time our app has been out and are dedicated to putting our Zappos WOW service into a mobile shopping app. Beyond just making the best shopping experience we can think of in an app, we LISTEN to our customers! We love our customers so much that we add the features they want! Here are just a few of the features we’ve added that came from our customers:

* Manager your account info

* Track your order on a map

* Make returns from inside the app

* Retina support

* Save your searches

* "Keep Me Logged In" so you can shop faster

* Zoomable High-Def product images

* Notifications for when desired products come back in stock

* Share products with friends over Facebook, Twitter, E-mail and Text Message

* 360 degree view of select products

* Product videos

* Exclude search filtering

Do you have an idea that would make everyone’s shopping experience better? Tell us, we listen!

Dig in. Leave feedback. And ratings!

We love you.

The iPad and iPhone app has products available in the following categories:



Bags & Handbags


New Products

Gift Cards

Specific Brands