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ChatGame – Easy and Free Video Calls, Real-time Effects, One Quick Call

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#1 Video Calling app that is different from all the other messaging apps you’ve experienced.

Unlike the other video calling applications out there, ChatGame is the ONLY one that can enhance the way you look in real-time. What does this mean? You don’t have to worry about how you look or prep yourself right before a call. You don’t even have to worry about positioning your camera in certain angles or lighting during your video calls.

ChatGame’s patent technology allows you to adjust the video effects instantly, and saves your setting for that perfect video calling quality…making you look Amazing whenever and wherever you are!

ChatGame is also the easiest to use video chat ever! One quick call to anyone across iPhone or Android devices. Make Free video calls, send and receive messages, pictures, emojis, and voice.


• The 1st Ever: Video Calling Real-Time Video Effects - Experience how video calling should be! Don’t hesitate to answer that video call anymore. With this feature, you will always look Stunning.

• Absolutely Free *No Hidden Cost* - Make video calls, send voice or text messages to other smartphones as long as you and your friends have the application.

• One Quick Call - Start your video chat instantly from your recent contact list. We’ve made it simple, fast, and easy just for you.

• Find and Invite: If you don’t have their phone numbers in your contacts, we got you covered. Invite and find your friends on WeChat, QQ, Sina Weibo, QR Code, and Facebook. Make new friends or reconnect with your old friends.

*** ChatGame “The Art of Video Chat” ***


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