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Sandstorm: Pirate Wars

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Sandstorm: Pirate Wars throws you into a brutal post-apocalyptic adventure requiring cunning, daring and sharp battle skills in order to survive and claim your rightful place as the most feared pirate in the wastelands!




* FIGHT IN REAL-TIME MULTIPLAYER BATTLES: challenge other pirates, compete with your friends and fight your way to the top of the rankings!

* UPGRADE & CUSTOMIZE YOUR SAND-CRUISER: choose from over 100 weapons to create the ultimate war machine

* ENJOY STUNNING 3D GRAPHICS: because explosions look so much better in HD

* EXPLORE SAVAGE LANDS: complete treacherous missions to earn extra rewards that will make all the difference in battle




The world has collapsed. A struggle for life has begun.

Sandstorm: Pirate Wars pulls you into a post-apocalyptic adventure in which only the fiercest pirates will survive.

Construct your Sand-Cruiser from pieces plundered during your missions in the desolate wastelands, and upgrade it with deadly weapons and life-saving shields.

Experience frantic real-time battles with other players from around the world and become the most formidable pirate roaming these barbaric lands.




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***AWARD: The Best Music and Sound 2015 from the Spanish Interactive Arts & Sciences Academy ***

An Internet connection is required to play. The game can be downloaded over WiFi.