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Zipt 2.0 - Free Calls and Messages

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Zipt puts the power of unchained communication into the palm of your hand!

Its new and improved platform enables you to make free high-quality voice and video calls, send messages, stickers, photos, audio and video files as well as documents and locations. It keeps you connected to friends and family wherever you are, and allows you to share every single moment of your life.

In addition to giving you a simple way to call & message those closest to you, Zipt now enables you to directly contact its Ambassadors including Gareth Bale, Brett Lee, Luke Shaw, Virat Kohli, David Ospina, Nicolas Hamilton, Rohit Sharma, Juan Cuadrado and Anthony Joshua.

All of Zipt’s features work perfectly even on slower 2G networks, so there’s no need to search for Wi-Fi, 3G or other high-speed Internet networks. It also simplifies connection to your contacts as it uses your phone number as caller ID and automatically synchronizes with your contact list.

With Zipt, the most important people in your life are always just a tap away!


● FREE ZIPT TO ZIPT CALLS AND MESSAGES - Calling and messaging other Zipt users is completely free. All you need is an Internet connection.

● FREE VIDEO CALLING - Make high-quality video calls to other Zipt users without the need for high-speed Internet connections. It works on 2G networks with a minimum speed of 50kbps.

● ZIPT SHARING - Use Zipt to record and share photos, videos and audio files, send stickers, documents and locations for free.

● CHAT WITH AMBASSADORS - Use the integrated chat to follow and directly communicate with the Zipt Ambassador team.

● LOW BANDWIDTH REQUIREMENT - Zipt works perfectly on 2G networks as it requires a minimum speed of 8kbps for voice and 50kbps for video calls.