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Eats365 eSignage

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Eats365 is designed from the ground up to be an end-to-end solution that combines ease of use for the users, and full DIY management & business intelligent capabilities for the restaurateurs.

Have you thought about ways to …

- provide better and more enjoyable dining experience

- turnover tables more quickly, leading to higher revenue

- receive orders online or electronically

- reduce wait time for the customers

- better the online visibility to customers

All without major investments. Here is your solution!

At the heart of the Eats365 Platform are:

- 4 Restaurants Services (Takeout, Self-serve, Queuing and Dine-in)

- 7 Functional Modules (User App, Merchant App, Waiter App, Photo Menu App, Delivery App, Multi-function Kiosk and Takeout Website)

- 1 Cloud based core that combines all the Services and Functions

Signage App Features:

- Queuing Announcement

Use of this App requires subscription, please visit our website at for details.