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PIM - Promises in Moments

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Get Scripture, Bible Promises & Principles, Empowerment & Motivation all in one App.

For all the good, and not so good, ‘moments’ that happen in life, the PIM or ‘Promises In Moments’ app will provide for you, in real time, biblical answers, insights and even challenges to help you overcome in the moment.


Browse an alphabetized list or do a keyword search for moments you, or someone you want to help, is experiencing, and find promises in the moment to help get through them. You can rest assured in the promises of the Bible.

You can choose to read each promise in a font that suits you

Receive ongoing challenges through daily/weekly notifications. These challenges will help you to memorize promises, discover ways to receive some promises that were written with conditions for receiving.

You can even share your ‘moments ‘ with others and more.

All of these features are designed to empower you, encourage you, help to mature you and help you find the discipline needed to simply be the best version of you!

In a lifetime, we will encounter various tests, trials, memorable moments and crossroads. Let Promises in Moments (PIM) be there for you.